“Our learning opportunities are the #1 reason that agents join the ERA Network.” 1
Rich DeNicola
Chief Operating Officer

Amy Chorew
VP of Learning

Their Success is Your Success

Your agents are the core of your business... when they succeed, you succeed. You need programs to support their success at every level.

Accelerate Your Business
For new agents, or those who need the benefits of the basics, we jump start productivity through activity-based, demonstrated best practices.


Build Your Business
As agents accelerate their careers, we offer focused programs that elevate their game through skill and strategy development.


Run Your Business
For agents that are ready for the next step, we can help them move to their next level by becoming coaches, mentors or building a team.

ERA agents that have taken Team ERA University courses have seen...


More listings


Higher sales volume


More closed units

...than those agents who haven't.2

Meet the Learning Team

Peter McMahon

Vice President of Learning

Jake Durando

Sr. Trainer

Sandy Borman

Sr. Trainer

Benefit From Our Expertise

Our industry-leading curriculum is created based on adult learning theories that help you and your agents flourish.

ERA® has the ability to facilitate everything from a one-time local class for your agents to a full, live learning event. To support your learning plan we offer live, virtual and eLearning. If you already have your own learning resources, you can tap into our ERA Trainer Master Classes to train your trainers- or take advantage of our Manager track, where we cover culture, coaching, entrepreneurship, value prop and leadership skills.

Ahead of the Curve

Our industry keeps evolving and expanding, and so does our learning program. We make sure your agents continue to evolve and grow with it.

New courses are always in development. Learning programs are created based on network input and feedback, and are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure accuracy and relevance. When your agents take any of our learning paths, you can be sure that they will be ahead of the game and ready for the next opportunity.

4 Pillars of Learning

Our learning strategy is focused on professional skill building, as well as product
and tool learning to help you and your agents be the best you can be.

Agent Skill Building


Agent Products & Tools


Broker Development


Broker Tools


Broker Training Courses

Sharpening your skills is the best way to help your business thrive and grow.
Attracting & Retaining Talent

Top Recruiter: Attract more with improved accountability
Performance Recruiting: Recruit more with this 8-week course
Value Proposition: Create your winning value proposition
Retention: Retain your most valuable agents

Productivity Skills

Coaching: Become masterful at coaching skills
Mentoring: Learn the art of mentoring
Trainer Certification: Develop a culture of learning excellence

Running Your business

Real Growth: Learn targeted growth practices of the pros
Financial Management: Financial training and managing financials in a crisis
Office Productivity with Training: Advance your financial goals with a year-long calendar populated with the training, mentoring, coaching, and office meeting content.

Seeing is Believing

Check out this training module by the Learning Team.
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1Results are from survey conducted by Wakefield Research between December 12th and 30th, 2019 among 950 real estate professionals (brokers and agents). 2Listings Taken, Closed Units, and Closed Sales Volume (collectively, the “Metrics”) were measured during this Study. To calculate the results, we took a sample of the 3,680 independent sales associates who had been affiliated with ERA Real Estate for at least a year prior to the study and who participated in ERA® Real Estate training classes and activities between August 2017 and August 2019 (the “Sample Pool”) and entered their activities into REScoreboard.com. All sales associates included in the study completed one or more training classes, each ranging in duration from a minimum of three hours up to twenty-two hours. We measured the Metrics generated by the Sample Pool during the 12 months prior to their taking any ERA Real Estate training and then measured the Metrics generated during the 12 months after the end date of each agent’s training. Study completion date was September 2020. This was not a controlled study; correlation does not equal causation. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Market conditions may influence results and there is no assurance any ERA Real Estate affiliated sales associate will achieve the same or similar results